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Who We Are

Zitnitski Weinstein & Co. is among the outstanding and senior accounting firms in Israel, is rated among the leading medium-sized firms in the country. The firm was established in 1947 by Israel’s comptroller, the late Mr. Siegfried Moses, and by his partner, the late Mr. Alex Weinstein.
The firm is managed by the managing partner, Mr. Shimon Zitnitski, CPA, with experience spanning more than 30 years in the areas of serving businesses, taxes, accounting and auditing. It has a large and skilled team of accountants, among them academic experts with experience in many fields of economics, accounting, law, computers, finances, taxation and management.
The firm’s size, organizational structure and the unique composition of its personnel allow the company to optimize the combination of high professional ability with continuous, individual and personal service for its entire range of customers. The entire team is at the service of the firm’s clients to provide quality, creative and rapid solutions.
The firm’s clientele represents a wide range of sectors and business fields, spread over the country and the world, and include private, public and government companies, non-profit organizations and more. During the company’s years of activity, Zitnitski Weinstein & Co. has accumulated much experience and developed expertise in many sectors, among them:
- Industry, commerce and retailing
- Real estate, construction and infrastructure
- Pharmaceuticals, medications and medical equipment
- Government authorities and municipal bodies
- Associations and non-profit organizations
- Tourism and hotels
- International and multinational companies
- Aviation and transportation
- High Tech and communications
- Venture Capital funds
- Monetary and financial institutions


Accounting and Auditing

Achieve Your Goals

The firm’s accounting and auditing department uses an approach that combines a high professional level while emphasizing the unique needs of the client. The department’s accounting team is skilled and highly experienced in providing services to Israeli and international entities in a range of economic sectors.

The department’s services include:

  • Auditing and reviewing financial reports

  • Accounting consultation regarding international standards (IFRS)

  • Applying accepted accounting practices

  • Accompanying public and private share issues

  • Non-profit organization handling

  • Internal audits

  • Accounting, financial management and management accounting

  • Computerized Information System auditing

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Tax and Taxation

Tax advice and Tax services

The firm’s tax department provides a range of services to its clients, with emphasis on professional service at a high level and maximum utilization of tax incentives that benefit the client.

The department’s services include:

  • Preparing annual reports for income tax

  • Corporate taxes

  • Individual and partnership taxes

  • Representation with the tax authorities

  • Periodic tax evaluations

  • Pre-ruling motions for the tax authorities

  • Professional opinions

  • Accompaniment of share option programs for employees

  • Tax planning and structure change – designing the holding and investment structure, mergers, acquisitions and splits

  • Voluntary Disclosure

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Economic Consulting and Business Accompaniment

Grow Your Business

The firm’s economic consulting and business accompaniment department provides wide-ranging and diverse business solutions, supported by rich experience in a wide range of fields.

The department’s services include:

  • Company, share and transaction value evaluations

  • Financial consulting, managerial consulting and organizational and methods consulting

  • Due diligence

  • Consulting in the areas of credit, bank financing and venture capital funds

  • Professional opinions in a range of economic/accounting subjects

  • Economic propriety examinations

  • Budgetary examination and review

  • Recovery programs, bankruptcy and business closure

  • Investment forecasts and design

  • Writing business plans

  • Arbitration

  • Negotiation and conciliation

  • Trust fund management and court-ordered management

  • Inheritance and property management

  • Conducting surveys

  • Fundraising

  • Advice in meeting the norms of corporate government

Business Meeting

Solutions for Small Businesses and Businesses in Establishment

One Stop Shop

SHZ Consulting & Management Services Ltd. is connected with the firm. The company provides bookkeeping and salary calculation services to the self-employed and companies while scrupulously maintaining the level of service and reporting. The company’s team of employees and managers is professional, skilled and experienced, and provides comprehensive and quality personal service.

The company’s services include:

  • Managing and updating bookkeeping systems

  • Generation of profit & loss statements on a monthly and bi-monthly basis

  • Generation of monthly / quarterly / annual test balances

  • Adjustments with banks, including foreign currency and loans

  • Generating monthly VAT reports

  • Regular reporting to authorities (income tax, social security and VAT)

  • Online reporting to the tax authorities (VAT, deductions, etc.)

  • Processing and generating salary slips, including employer-employee cost calculations

  • Generating a variety of management reports from salary systems

  • Handling employee retirement and severance pay

  • Handling of reserve service claims, maternity grants and work accidents

  • Advice on labor laws and collective agreements

  • And more

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